Hearts and Dreams (Musings of a Lonely Siren 2006)




Where do all the hearts go
to pass the time
When life is like a poem
Missing the rhyme

I know its late
I know your past lies broken
On tired floors
Where lies were softly woven

I know its time
Your heart has lost its rhythm
Its not a crime
Don’t leave your heart in prison

Come in from the empty playground
With its rusty swings and broken glass
Pick up your love
I have a finer place for it to rest

Where do all the dreams go
To pass the time
All innocence was squandered   (was)
In the wake of time

Ive lived with hate
I know the crush of sorrow
But I have learned
A tear today will dry tomorrow

I think its time
You heard a little music
Open your heart
I know just where to take it

Come in from the blackened asphalt
With its weedy cracks and battered walls
Pick up your dreams
I have the room for one and all

I have a plan, I have a place
Just let the pain slip off your face
Give it to me give it all to me
Your heart, your dreams finally free

Well go to the sea and wash away the stains
Sea of my love, sea of my dreams
Brilliant blue and toast warm sand and no more chains
Swimming hand in hand, new memories

Hearts and dreams
Hearts and dreams
Hearts and dreams
New memories


*This one was probably started in a notebook back in the 80’s and has since been reworked off and on over the years; a wee bit sappy but….It was recorded at one point but the recording is lost!


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