Imagine this! (from musing and confusings: Blahg excerpts 08/29/07)



Maybe I’m just in an empathetic mood ’cause I’m spending so much time with the furry people.

I came across this listing on eBay for a set of those old pressed butterfly coasters.

Nowadays most specimens are farmed and gassed which I suppose is still not terribly humane but at least it spares endangered insects.

But imagine back in the 70’s which is when these things were popular……

La La La La….

A lovely butterfly has just emerged from her chrysalis and embarked upon her meaningful but short life!
Before she gets her first taste of flower nector or has a chance to meet a cute boy butterfly and procreate; WHOP! She’s swept up in a butterfly net, stabbed with a nasty pin and once she’s dead she gets squished flat & glued onto a background, covered with acrylic and is sold as a coaster in a set with 5 other unfortunate butterflies!

She then protects a coffee table from someone’s ice tea glass. The bottom of the glass covers her up so you can’t see what a pretty butterfly she once was! (sigh!)

Then she becomes “outdated” decor and ends up on eBay. Eventually some collector of kitch will put his beer on top of her.

Ah, the cycle of life……




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