Panties Behaving Badly: or wedgies at work (from Musings & Confusings: Blahg Excerpts, September 1, 2005)


0b9190b2-0ece-407f-995a-ec9315819dfbThere’s nothing worse than wearing the wrong underwear to work and not being able to fix it. 

Remember the days when you used to torment your friends (and vice-versa) by sneaking up on them an giving them “Indian Panties” It was so hilarious for you and so painful for the victim.

Well, unfortunately today the victim was me and it wasn’t funny.

I wore these cute little black panties that seemed so comfy until about 2 hours into work they decided they’d rather be thong underwear. I have a fairly light pink gauze skirt on and if I just said the heck with it everyone would know. You have to keep up some appearance of decency around the federal building.

Finally, my boss left for the day and I was able to re-arrange things. Aaaah.

It’s the little things that take you back to your childhood.


*Ok, maybe there are a number of things that would be something worse, but this is pretty uncomfortable!

* “Indian Panties” Yes, this is an offensive term and I only use it here as a reference. We were young and did not know any better in those days. *cringe*


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