Panties Behaving Badly, Part Deaux (From Musings & Confusings Blahg Excerpts, Wed, October 12, 2005)



Once again I have suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous underwear!

Those who may or may not care, may remember that a few weeks ago I was at the mercy of a pair of black panties that were too tight (due to lady-like bloating it turns out) riding up in an all day “Melvin” at work. I couldn’t take them off because my skirt was too sheer.

Well, another pair of my favorite black panties made me equally uncomfortable a few nights ago at work.

Most of you ladies have had the following unfortunate experience with pantyhose:

You spend a minimum of 15 minutes sweating and cursing; putting on your hose carefully so as to avoid snagging them with your fingernails, diligently pulling them up inch by inch until they fit snuggly all the way up to your waist until you’re satisfied with a smooth fit!

Then at some hapless point during the day the crotch starts to slip down a few inches or the waist rolls over your hips. It is the most uncomfortable, un-sexy feeling even if no one else catches on. You become desperate for a private moment when you can tug them up again. If you manage to do it they slip again at the worst possible moment. It’s the pits because they would stay in place if you were wearing pants but you’re wearing them with a skirt! If you can’t take them off you limit your activity as much as possible and pray they won’t slip to your ankles if you have to walk.

Ok. That didn’t happen to me this time around, but it’s one of the reasons I prefer not to wear pantyhose!

Instead I was wearing panties AND pants (Thank God, not a skirt!)

I was wearing my favorite black low rise crop pants which are a bit baggy in the crotch. They’re super comfy for work at the cafe and I like to pull them down a bit to extend my waistline. Unfortunately about a half hour into work my formerly well fitting undies started to slip until they felt like pantyhose with a sinking crotch. Luckily this time the issue was easily solved and a quick trip to the loo to lose my knickers made the rest of my day (and my night) go much more smoothly.

It seems I’ve lost weight (which is amazing considering my ever increasing diet of beer & kisses) Looks like my collection of hot black panties needs to shrink as well!



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