Some People are Cockroaches (From Musings & Confusings: Blahg Excerpts, July 4, 2005)



Difficult to kill
So hard to keep at bay
The scurge of the earth
Scurrying away

When on comes the light
I see antennas and legs
Headed for the shadows
To regroup and re-arrange

Crazy people, angry folks
Messing in my life
Changing their stories
When the truth comes to light

They keep coming back
Like those hard to kill bugs
I pretend they’re invisible
That I’ve swept them under rugs

I’ve gone through all the stages
Acceptance; disbelief
I’ve vented all my anger
I’ve vented all my grief

I’ve come to understand now
That it really is the truth
There’s no point in leaving poison
When you can pick up all the food

When there’s nothing left to feed on
And no water to drink
They’ll scurry off to somewhere new
And leave you to your peace

*Painting is by one of my favorite artists, Leonard Baskin


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