On not always being in control of your emotions


I once naively told someone, in regards to my little heart, not to worry, that he was giving himself too much power. Then I got the shock of my life when my little heart decided it loved him and suddenly it felt like he had all the power and control. Still, that’s only partly true. I may not have control over who my heart, well, sets its heart on. I may feel devastated when he gets scared and runs away. But with love I also know, comes the power to push through, to overcome and to make something beautiful out of pain. The soul knows we don’t always end up paired with the person we were meant for. Fear gets in the way of knowing. Over thinking gets in the way of being. Shouldn’t gets in the way of wanting. Resignation gets in the way of hope. So, I probably won’t be kissing the person I thought I’d be kissing on New Year’s Eve. It turns out I may be kissing you.

***In actuality, it turned out I wasn’t kissing anybody on New Year’s Eve, but there’s always next year!


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