Things Are Different Here


Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time visiting and working on the Northern California coast. I’ve always had an affinity for the rocky coast of Northern California, Oregon and Washington. I love the Bay Area but I’ve been feeling the pull to move north. I can see myself moving to a place like this in the next couple of years.

Fort Bragg sky

Yes, I get to work in a place this beautiful!

It’s a grueling 3 ½ hour drive here but I don’t mind it. I get to bring my kitty and she’s a very good traveler. I probably make my gas mileage worse because I always bring more than I need. There aren’t big stores here and I can’t just run home and grab something if I forgot to pack it. It’s rather isolated here. There are few man made sounds and my cell phone does not work here. There’s always a transition period once I arrive.

The first day here I get so little accomplished. This seems to be a trend every time I come up north. My body immediately throws all sense of time and urgency out the window and gets straight to the business of purging stress and the residue of the outside world.

sleepy kitty

My travel companion

This week I came up Sunday night and stayed up chatting. Monday was a wash.I told myself I would kick some ass on Tuesday but it really took me a full day to get charged up. Today I am feeling much more rested which is good because Thursday and Friday call for efficiency overdrive! I have lists and I have actually scheduled myself for specific hours!

Funny thing was Monday was also the first time I really heard any signs of “civilization” here. With the exception of the occasional sound of a car on the road, it’s always strikingly quiet in this place. It’s not silent, mind you. There are bird songs, the chatter of seals and wind and the ocean’s voice has a diva’s presence. However on Monday afternoon when I stepped out on the back deck for some avian entertainment, I heard a motor or compressor humming for much of the afternoon. It was probably not too close, sound carries here, and perhaps it was a riding mower. Some of these lots are huge! They are truly estates. Later, I heard sirens, my constant soundtrack in the bay area. So odd to have the urban noise encroaching!


That pesky powerline

I love taking pictures of the ocean view from the deck in different weather and times of day. We are at enough of a distance that we can sit on the deck and not be slapped by the wind or deafened by the surf but we can clearly see and hear the ocean. Deer wander into the yard and hawks swoop across the lawn.  It’s a near perfect vista, except for heavy power lines that sweep the breadth of it,another good argument, besides fire safety for underground lines!


Here I edited out the power line. Tedious but worth it

Unless I have specific tasks in town I procrastinate when it comes to leaving the house. With the exception of dawdling through the neighborhood on a walk, I’ve become an extreme homebody. There’s something here that makes one feel as if one is in a bubble, a stillness that makes one think there’s nothing beyond the end of the lane. One night I was craving pizza! I knew I could most likely drive into town and find something but I couldn’t bring myself to leave and cooked up some veggies at “home” which was healthier and more wallet friendly!

The bird choruses come in waves: morning concert, afternoon burst of random arias and in the evening, softer songs, calling out to each other as they are settling into the trees.

The cats have the same routine, nibble, lounge, sleep, repeat.

When I’m in this place it is easy to remember:
All is right with the world. All is right with the world. All is right with the world!

mendocino sunset


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