An aFIRmative thread About Christmas Trees


What inspired this little pun fest: Up in Northern California, I saw nice 5′ trees for sale for $20, way less than the Bay Area that’s for certain. My housemates won’t go for a Christmas tree and I’ll be traveling most of the month anyway, but I sure wished I could have brought one home! Even though this is not about food, I think that Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart who are certainly Pun Champions would get a big kick out of this!

images (1)

ME: Christmas trees are inexpensive here. It wish I did have a little apartment up in this area. I am.sort of PINE-ing for it.


ME:  Oh  you just couldn’t resist needling me could you? You gotta love seasonal hilari-tree

D.H.: Lol!!!!

D.S.: I’m so board of wooden jokes like this. Can’t you all just leaf well enough alone?

ME:  Sorry, I conifer not to. Sometimes my sense of humor needs to branch out a bit.

D.S.: Aw heck, Lorelei, you’re no sap – I was just needling you a bit.


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