My Easter Morning Fantasy



In my Easter morning fantasy I awaken, stretch languorously,throw open the windows to view a beautiful sunrise dancing up from the not too distant ocean, framed by a lush garden below. The vista is accompanied by a delicate birdsong chorus.  I glide downstairs in a cloud of silky chiffon to find a table laden with vases of daffodils and tulips. There is a fabulous breakfast spread, trays of hot cross buns, cookies,easter cakes and a full tea service complete with whimsical teapot and flowery cups. .

When I have sampled everything, feeling warm with contentment, I am presented with a stunning Springtime basket cushioned with Tulle in lieu of that dreaded fake grass. It is dripping in ribbons, tiny bells and fragrant flowers; filled to the brim with rich chocolates and colorful candies all appropriately themed!, Inside I discover more treasures; homemade marshmallow peeps, fabulous hand decorated eggs, exquisite sugar eggs filled with chocolate and even a big one with a diorama. There is a lovely little stuffed rabbit nestled in the middle who looks likely to hop out at any moment in search of a bunny trail!

Afterwards Easter cuddling with my “Easter Bunny” and food comas commence.

In contrast, I made oatmeal with vanilla and blueberries in my rice cooker, enjoyed it with coffee and a perfectly ordinary egg, stayed in my jammies all day and cuddled my cat.

But a girl can dream, can’t she?


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