Shadows and Light


sunmoondanceThe newlyweds laughed long and hard together until their eyes were wet and their ribs hurt from shaking. He gasped for breath, his entire face glowed afire.

She clasped her arms around herself until she had finally stopped heaving. Mirth took its time leaving her smooth face.

The space between them grew very quiet, very still. The crackle of the fire faded into the distance and there was only the softest hint of the shallow breaths that her snowy corset forced upon her.The bride leaned in close, the point of her chin splitting the light like a dagger. Reaching up with one hand she deftly wrapped one of his golden curls around her pale finger. The other hand she pressed hard against his chest until his heart seemed to beat right into her palm.

“Are you afraid of the dark?” she whispered. “Are you disturbed by the darkness? ”

Her groom’s eyebrows knitted slightly. His jovial face was still a bit ruddier than usual. “Well, I can’t say as I’m afraid of the dark as much as concerned about what might be hiding in it.” he crackled warmly, “But it’s no matter. Shadows usually run away from me. It’s always been thus.”

She scooted closer until her bent knees brushed his. “But what if I tell you I am the dark? Will you be afraid of what might be hiding inside me? ”

“I might be.” He nodded as he put his hand upon hers. “I might be at that.”

Leaning forward he kissed his lover’s forehead, then her lips. They were cool but warmed at his touch.

“But I’ll go forward anyway. I’ll follow into all your dark places. They can swallow me whole for all I care. That’s fear I’ll embrace.” He gently twisted the ring around his finger and smiled, “It’s what I signed up for.”

He paused for a moment to watch his new wife’s lips turn from a straight line to an undulation.”And you? Are you afraid of my darkness? ”

“Goodness No!” She thumped her palm against his chest. “I’m afraid you’ll blind me with all your light and take all of my shadows away from me. My shadows are precious! For I hide many pleasing things in the shadows like silver and bats and moon flowers.”

Pulling her closer, his golden mane showered over both of their shoulders. Her whole body slumped into a crescent as she curled into his arms. Her voice cool, calm and clear she asked. “What are we to do?”

Her husband sat pensive for a moment wondering what to do then his eyebrows raised and his face lit up. “Do you like to dance?” He inquired.

She looked up. “I’ve been known to make a nice circle about a dance floor if I have the right partner, of course.”

He smiled and extended a hand to help her to get feet. She took it turning her face slightly and raising an inquisitive brow. “Just what do you have in mind my love?”

“Well, I’m thinking that there’s no reason we need to share the same space all the time. Perhaps we can dance together and rest separately.”

His love turned the fullness of her face to him eagerly. “What a splendid idea! ”

Her husband beamed with delight at her response then bowed low offering his hand as he rose “I can sleep while you dance in your shadows. I’ll leave you just enough of my light that the glow will help me find my way back to kiss you good morning. Then you can rest while my light shines the brightest. What do you think of that?”

She clasped the hand he extended, raised and twirled herself under it. “As long as we greet each other as we come and go and if we meet on the dance floor every so often to make love that seems to be a splendid solution.”

Satisfied with these arrangements, they embraced and spent their wedding night in blissful half shadow, half shine. Afterwards she slept while her partner danced. When she woke, she kissed him goodnight and took her turn on the dark stone of the dance floor.

Their intricate tango continues . Everything they touch dances and hums along with their rhythm. Sometimes she flirts, dancing in front of him, hiding his face for a short while. Occasionally he puts something between them so she can dance fully in shadow. They still make love behind dark cloudy curtains giving the stars something to gossip about. On occasions one can still catch a glimpse of the two of them waltzing across the blue together but before long, one dancer always bids the other adieu and relinquishes the floor to the other.


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