On Game of Thrones Always Erring on the Side of To Be Rapey, rather than not.


Here’s what it boils down to.

I’m pretty sure Sansa didn’t want that cup of tea.

There’s been a lot of unwanted tea poured on that show and it might have been a bit much to push one more cup.

I think a lot of viewers, mostly female, have been saying for a long time that they don’t want this particular cup of tea and they feel like they’ve been forced to drink it anyway. They said, no thank you but they got a big cup of tea shoved in their face anyway; over and over and over.

So now they are saying, NO real loud.

And now some fans, mostly men, are saying. What’s the big deal? It’s just a cup of tea? The tea was in the books. There was a lot of other tea on the show and you kept watching. It could have been worse. It could have been scalding hot tea.

And the women are saying. We are totally off tea now. You’ve ruined it for us. Bye bye.

no tea


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