Take It As It Comes


TheCottageMarket-KitchenPrintable-JustRollWithItSometimes you have to go with, well, that didn’t turn out as I’d hoped but I have a purring kitty on my lap and that’s pretty sweet.

I got in around three this morning. I live a somewhat isolated life but have had a lot of social time all of a sudden; two much needed nights out of the house with comfort food, tequila and the fabulous company of two ladies I rarely get to see.

Friday night I picked up my friend Blau after work. Our adventure began with a plethora of Google Map/GPS glitches that might have tempted the most staunch Mercury Retrograde scoffer to turn we finally arrived at her chiropractic appointment.

2015-05-29_19.07.41Seriously, I thought nothing could top the time when Google Maps Lady told me to take a U Turn in the middle of the Bay Bridge but this time she paused between commands and said, “Not sure how I can help with schizophrenia” then “Turn right on 16th.”

After her appointment Google Maps Lady directed us to take the long and not so scenic route back to Blau’s house. Once we got there I was able to meet her adorable kitties and Blau gave me a really cute hair cut then helped me bleach my roots. It seemed to take an awfully long time which baffled us until I was packing up and we discovered the packet of bleaching powder that should have been added! Oh well, such a thing was befitting of the day.I love the new shorter layers in the back fiercely! I am so much more myself when I get to muss my hair, paint my face, wear a skirt and put on some jewelry. It’s nice to be a girl.

My new do and lovely black and white hair doo dad loaned to me for the occasion!

new hair blau

Then we went out for dinner and drinks. A party of kids came into the restaurant post prom looking just incredible and so grown up! I think it was just what both of us needed. Girl talk, relaxation and comfort food. Driving back to Blau’s place the night was quiet.

I came home, sat in my car for a bit which has long been a ritual for me. The tiredness was already seeping into my bones as I entered. I started tip toeing around the house putting things away and trying to unwind. I walked into the kitchen  and had a moment of giddy glee when I saw the mound of dishes that had been growing in the sink all week had been washed! Who hoo! But then I discovered my housemate had used all my ice and without replacing it, and he’d thrown my laundry aside (even though I folded all of his and left a bag out for mine). The bathroom looked suspiciously like monkeys had a row in it. (Not so woo hoo)

2015-05-30_04.21.19So I put my leftovers into the fridge, got a glass of water, washed my face and curled up with my cat. Every ounce of me wanted to sleep, but some part of my brain wasn’t having it. I picked up a book but my eyes would not focus on the letters. Begrudgingly, I booted up my laptop and watched a video.That seemed to do the trick.

I managed to fall asleep just as it was getting light. The early morning birds sang me to sleep. After a few hours of bliss my housemate and his girlfriend woke me by shouting to each other as he left. Doors slammed. She clomped around for a bit before leaving. At that point I could not go back to sleep.

So, I got up for a bit and surveyed the horrors of the “Craigpocolypse.” The state of the bathroom still defied explanation unless monkeys really were let loose in there. After a couple of hours I just realized I was too tired so I curled up with the snugglepuss and enjoyed a slew of weird dreams of which only cryptic fragments remain. Finally, I woke up at 3:30 in the afternoon.

On one hand I didn’t want to sleep all day. On the other, I did say I had no plans. Admittedly, I did make a list of stuff I might do. Too late for most of that. I had hoped to do a few things tomorrow but I am hesitant to confirm.

Somehow while sleeping I had bunched the pillows up in a strange lumpy configuration. Now my neck is stiff and angry. The rest of my back is in much the same state. My throat and sinuses are scratchy. It’s a bit late for coffee but I really want a cup! I’m finally feeling a few twinges of hunger.

2015-05-30_16.18.59I feel like I’m really not here yet. So, I’m just going to give myself some time to arrive. Sometimes you just have to take it as it comes and let whatever’s left of the day unfold.Meanwhile, if you are lucky, you’ll be blessed with a bundle of purr to keep you company.


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