This poem is fairly self explanatory. Those of you that write will understand this vexation, I’m sure. It’s not the same as writer’s block, it’s when you have plenty in your head to write then something irritates you so much that you soon realize your concentration like Elvis has left the building! I always try to deal with stress creatively and with humor. I felt better after writing this.



I started out my evening dressed in warmest brown
But now I’m feeling cold as bones and frankly, a bit down
Since fate had decreed that tonight I’d be alone
I figured I’d hunker down and get some things done
I found a place to write and have some citrus tea
A nook with nondescript music playing quietly
I cracked my notebook, uncapped my pen, pondered what I’d sew
I sipped my tea and just like that, words began to flow
Until the speaker above my pate phased in and out and crackled
And irritating, upbeat music started blaring out of it quite loud
I tried to press on past my second paragraph

I couldn’t concentrate so I tried a change of habitat
The waitress, sweet, apologized and went to turn it down
But the muse had packed her sumptuous bags and moved right out of town
And now I just feel empty, frustrated and beat
And the story in my head remains a partially sprouted seed
All I really wanted was a bit of quiet time
But now I think I may need chocolate, I think I may need wine

-LM September 2015


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