Enter the wicked month
In a burst of birds
With a subtle chill
Urging you to button up
And pile another blanket near the bed
Just in case

The weekends start to beckon
With candlelight and cinnamon
Promises whispered
In the quickening dark

And cats will sit on the fence
With their eyes like two moons
Staring at things that move
Just out of your perception
It gives you the shivers
Your walk becomes brisk

You start to think about pie
And beverages steaming
And holding hands
Or perhaps hibernation

You take a little more time
To poke a toe
Out from under the covers
When morning insists
Rise and Shine

Anticipation wiggles
Just under your skin
The child in you
knows that something’s coming

-LM 2015

Remember those writing exercises where your teacher would give you an image and ask you to tell a story about it? I am playing with a new project where I  pull a random photo from my archives and write something, whatever comes off the top of my head. My rule, spend no more than 5-10 minutes max on the whole thing, then send it to a friend as their morning, “Hello!”

It gives me a writing exercise and lets them know I am thinking about them. Maybe it gives them a bit of motivation for their day. Anyway, fun project so far.

This is Jackson, a wonderful cat I used to take care of. Sadly, he passed away. He was a great cat. I’m grateful to have gotten this fantastic shot of him perched on the fence at his Grandma’s house.


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