Conversations With Opie


I used to be smitten with a  pair of cats; Opie and The Mysterious Germoe. After a while a third cat, Funky Ear Tony came to live with them. They lived in a house called, The Fear and Loathing, in Oakland, California. Sadly, their parents distanced themselves from me and I still don’t know why. Ouch. That’s fodder for another, more serious blog, I suppose. It’s water under the bridge now because they all moved to Georgia and they live in a lovely house called, Hope Springs and I only catch up on their adventures through Facebook.

Anyway, Opie, a very floofy ginger, used to get his treats from a little egg that would roll across the floor. (I suppose he still does, it’s just that someone else does it now) They would drop out one by one and it was very exciting for him to chase them. (Exercise) He also has very thick Maine Coonish fur. This is a typical exchange. You will relate if you have cats, if you have cats with thick coats that toss up hairballs or have tried to take photos of your pets only to watch them move as you click the shutter.

ME: Hey Op. Now that you have had your “exercise” chasing the magic egg around the floor and gobbling the treats that fell out of it, how about you let me brush you?

OPIE: More treats!

ME: No Op. You got quite a few this time. I gotta cut you off! No exploding Opie, Ok? How about a good brushing?

OPIE: *Rubs against his Pet Nanny*  Lots of pets?

ME: *gives Sir Fluffalot a good scritch*  Of course, you may have all the pets you like, but you are looking pretty woolly little dude. I’m going to brush you too!

*rubs sturdy brush over Opie’s fluff but not much happens*
*Opie exhibits the cat version of a shrug, sniffs brush. Rubs chin on it.*

OPIE: Oooooh scratchy! *continues to rub the brush.*

ME: Let’s try brushing again

OPIE: *Shrug. Rub. Scratch*

ME: *Tries again to brush Opie thoroughly*  What the heck Op? Your fluff is like armor! My brush is powerless against it. I got like three loose hairs! Where do all those orange hairballs come from if your fuzz doesn’t come loose?

OPIE: *looks nonchalant*

ME: Ok. Well, while I have your attention you photogenic rascal, let me just grab my phone and get a picture for your parents who miss you!


ME: Cool! Got it! Oh that’s so cute. Let me just get it into focus and *click*

*Opie has walked away*

ME: Cats! *sigh*

LM 2015/2017


The Inimitable Opie!



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