What is a Fragmeant? Who the heck am I? Why would anyone read this blog?


Fragmeantz are meaningful snippets of memories, experiences or stories that rattle around in my head. Sometimes they percolate a while and the words come out slowly, at random, out of sequence. They always sprout eventually and sometimes the pieces fit together as a whole.

Instead of working on the same long story every day, I write what’s in my head in the moment. The idea is to write something, quickly, without fretting too much over words or taking any time to edit; just letting the words flow in a stream of consciousness! I’ll see if they give me a story, a lyric, a poem. It doesn’t matter. If it blossoms into something fuller later that’s fine, but it’s ok if they remain fragments. I don’t post what I write every day because I think it would be overwhelming.  At some point I may collect the fragmeantz into a book form.


As someone who has experienced trauma and head injury, I found that it became very difficult to write anything in a long linear fashion, but once I let myself off the hook for finishing anything I discovered this works very well. My life and my memory are made up of fragments. I think that’s true to some degree for most people, it’s just more pronounced in my case.  Some of these fragments never become stories and some of them are meant to be pieces of a larger story. Many of them may not have an obvious ending, but they feel complete to me. I thought that I was a bit of a freak for doing this until I discovered, Kelly Link, who writes wonderful stories that leave the reader hanging. Sometimes it’s frustrating, but it also lets the reader fill in the rest of the story with their imagination. I also like the idea that we just got a glimpse of a world and when the words stop coming, those characters go on living their lives without our voyeurism.

So, some fragmeantz are singular moments in time. Forgettable or life changing they all have their place.


For those who like to drink deep you can start at the main page and scroll through everything from most recent to my very first post or if you like to take smaller sips I have broken down my writing into  categories that you can select from the menu which is currently situated on the left side of the page:


  • Stories are exactly that. Some of them are bits of larger pieces I am working on, some are smaller ideas and some are complete.
  • Poems are something I seem to write a lot of. I mostly write in a free verse, somewhat organized stream of conscious style that I think is better read aloud.
  • Essays and Opinions are generally made up of things I have strong opinions about, things I hope to give people a better understanding of and sometimes I write about an entertaining experience or even talk about a movie.
  • Personal, Life & Travels kind of emerged after I had been keeping the blog for a while. I started to write more about my adventures, my childhood, the challenges of being a functional, sane and emotionally stable human being when you live with chronic pain, complex PTSD, rampant insomnia and depression and the joy and value you can still find in the midst of it all.
  • Lyrics are much more structured. I was a working musician (vocalist) and collaborative songwriter for many years. I don’t play an instrument but I would love to work with someone fleshing out some of these.
  • Conversations are something I often do as a writing exercise or as an exercise in working through an emotion. Often these conversations are with cats sometimes they are with scarier things. Usually, they make me laugh.
  • Thoughts and Musings are a bit more random and usually short. They could be something that crossed my mind, an expression of something I feel passionately about or some small thing that amused me.
  • Art is something I haven’t posted a lot of here. Most of the posts are either small illustrations or photographs. I am a compulsive photographer who is currently lacking a camera!

Sometimes there is some crossover. Usually, a poem is to blame. I’ll write a poem that says it also is a story or a “musing” or thinks it should be set to music. *Some of these pieces have been posted other places, on my web page, social media, or other blogs.


If you would like to digress more, I  have several related blogs here that collect images (Photorama), quotes (Quote-O-Rama) and poetry (Poetorama) that inspire me along with some original content.  The Empress Dammit is a project I have been working on to inspire anyone who needs a boost of self worth. And eventually, I’ll link some other things I have stumbling around out there on ze interwebs.


Who is this Lorelei Moon person who gathers this word flotsam and jetsam and posts it here? This is that part where I am supposed to describe myself in the third person and give you a bunch of impressive bonafides but that’s not going to happen.

Sometimes it’s difficult for my friends to reconcile the person they tell me they experience as funny, compassionate, brave and sensitive with my history and situation. Sometimes it’s hard for me too. My childhood and much of my life could be alternately described as a horror show, an absolute delight, a raging shitstorm of doom and a bucket spilling over with luck. Somehow, I have developed a knack for finding the truly absurd in everything and I’ve had enough stubborn resilience  to survive and occasionally to thrive. I also clean up well.


I think I have always tapped into creativity as a coping mechanism, a way to process, a way to connect with others and to find my value in the world. From a very young age I was writing, drawing, making things with my hands and as soon as I discovered I had a lovely voice, when I didn’t try to force it to be a soprano, I became a singer. One way or another, words have made it into my art, even with my visual work. Even though, I make things for myself because it hurts when I don’t, I believe that any kind of art is best when it is a shared experience. So, it’s logical that I would throw it up in a public space.

If my words move you, make you laugh, give you a better understanding or make you feel less alone, I have contributed something of value. That makes me very happy.

– Lorelei Moon


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