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There’s a backstory to this. I have a friend, writer J.D. Robinson aka Scamper, who among the plethora of interesting articles he loads in his feed, often posts to say he is writing science fiction. I usually counter that I am also writing (I am. Evidently there is some strange synchronicity between writers) and sometimes, if I am lucky, a humorous exchange ensues which just makes the crush my brain has on his brain more intractable. Thank Gods his brain is not from Scotland. (If you don’t get that reference, you should read my blog more often)

Me: Am Writing Poetry. Much less interesting than writing Sci Fi.
Scamper: Throw in some aliens, then we’ll see.
Me: Well, it’s open to interpretation. It could include aliens. *sigh* I only came here tonight to, “read the articles.” Now I feel challenged!
Scamper: Beh. I’m no poet. Aliens should be everywhere, I suppose.
Me: Challenge accepted! Never challenge a sleep challenged free verse poet unless you want a silly poem because I can’t resist spouting off some nonsense on the fly!


Things are always better
When you add a secret ingredient
Seven herbs and spices
A subtle flash of heat
Shake the cocktail, stir it twice
Add something green to the soup
The guests will rave every time
And they’ll wonder
Leave them guessing
Swirl it in
Mix it up
Something unexpected
A unique twist on a classic dish
It’ll be out of this world
If I take your advice
To “Throw in some aliens”
Then we’ll see
Everyone’s sure to want
My recipe

LM 2017

I was rewarded with “Stellar Work!” and “theremin sounds” This made my brain happy. I probably had to remind it about the Scotland thing to calm it down. What can I say? I get a lot of brain crushes. I also like to riff off other creative people and to collaborate.

By the way, if you or anyone you know likes to read, YA Science Fiction. you should check out J.D. Robinson’s book, The Hole In The World. He just came out with an updated edition and it’s available in paperback and for Kindle. Like many writers, Scamper hates promoting his own work, so running across this poem was a good reason to give it a shout out! I highly recommend it as it is an excellent read!



An aFIRmative thread About Christmas Trees


What inspired this little pun fest: Up in Northern California, I saw nice 5′ trees for sale for $20, way less than the Bay Area that’s for certain. My housemates won’t go for a Christmas tree and I’ll be traveling most of the month anyway, but I sure wished I could have brought one home! Even though this is not about food, I think that Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart who are certainly Pun Champions would get a big kick out of this!

images (1)

ME: Christmas trees are inexpensive here. It wish I did have a little apartment up in this area. I am.sort of PINE-ing for it.


ME:  Oh  you just couldn’t resist needling me could you? You gotta love seasonal hilari-tree

D.H.: Lol!!!!

D.S.: I’m so board of wooden jokes like this. Can’t you all just leaf well enough alone?

ME:  Sorry, I conifer not to. Sometimes my sense of humor needs to branch out a bit.

D.S.: Aw heck, Lorelei, you’re no sap – I was just needling you a bit.