Moon Musing


*Ok. For this one I was being silly and maybe a little clever, but the moon really was that bright. I wish my cell phone didn’t have so much trouble with light sources.


The moon cut in half, yet ever so bright
Illuminates earth and sky tonight
My lens overwhelmed, a star of it makes
It hurts my eyes to take in its full light

I wish I may I wish I might
I am quite puzzled by the sight
I muse a query into the void
I wonder did the moon decide

In a silvery solar masquerade to delight
Or is the sun playing tricks, shining at night
Dimming down to play the moon
Exchanging its golden glow for white

-LM 2015 – 2018


Best New Year’s Eve Ever!



The year started off with a magnificent full moon, but I forgot to go outside and see it. It gave me an excuse to thank my friends for putting up with all my Moon jokes in 2017. On social media, and in conversation anytime someone mentions, the moon, regardless of context, I almost compulsively comment as if they are talking about me. My last name is, Moon, get it? My sense of humor is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is not nearly as groan worthy as my father’s was.  I blame my, inner 12 year old, my favorite, “get out of maturity” card.


By the way, this gorgeous painting is by an artist named, Jana Ireijo. It’s only $450. If I had a wall to hang it on, I’d probably be batting my eyelashes and saying, “please” a lot, right now.

Part One: Not Exactly Flush With Festive Spirit, My Inner Virgo, Pulls Out My To Do List

I have to say, I wasn’t sorry to see 2017 go, but I wasn’t feeling particularly excited about 2018 either. My situation is still a challenge, my soul still feels like it is weighed down by a stack of pianos topped by a vengeful elephant who is not tickled by the ivories! The ugliness that crowns our country is still swirling through it the way that murky flood waters churn, hiding shit and disease, dangerous objects and death. I don’t see much improvement on the horizon without a proper shakeup. Yes, it could happen, but I’m just not excited.

I was so, not feeling anything, this time around that I couldn’t even dig up a smidge of envy at the revelers gushing of their plans to party and dance the night away. I had nowhere to go. I didn’t feel up to making myself shiny and putting on a festive face. For once, the idea of kissing someone at midnight didn’t even glimmer in my mind. My loneliness was barely a blip on my radar. I just wanted it to be tomorrow already, to mark off another day of gears grinding. Honestly, my apathy was liberating.

I didn’t have any work, but I have been caring for my roommate’s cat. He’s been traveling a lot lately. He was home briefly and left again without buying cat litter and I had already used up the last of LiLi’s litter, adding it to his cat, Ichi’s box.  Things were getting smelly. I had to buy cat litter for both of them now, and so I ended up at Safeway on New Year’s Eve with two plastic jugs of gritty clay in my cart, while everyone else was buying alcohol.  You know you have reached the climax of full blown Cat Lady Spinsterhood when you spend your New Year’s Eve at Safeway, buying cat litter for your roommate’s cat. At least I put on lipstick and combed my hair first and I wasn’t in my bathrobe. Go me!


As if restocking the cat toilet on New Year’s Eve wasn’t awkward enough, I happened to step into line behind a former neighbor in the checkout. Continue reading

Follow The Moon



Follow the Moon and the Moon will follow you
She will sink into the sea and appear in skies bright blue
She will shine unless she’s dark
Her mirror a cool counterpart
To the sun’s warm glow
She is silver cold
Light thief illuminating
Silver undulating
Soft voice facilitating turning of the wheels
And the changing of the tides
The churning of the minds
Shaping all our dreams, ask and you might see
But the answer might be something you always knew
Follow the Moon and the Moon will follow you

LM 2013*


*Since I haven’t been posting in some time I am combing through things I wrote and didn’t post and expanding on them a bit. With this poem, however, I didn’t change a thing!

The Moon Trick


I trembled in the dark barely containing my excitement. I wanted to howl at the moon but where was it? I could not see it hanging in the sky. I could not feel the weight of it in my palm or hear it rolling about the floor like a great round marble. It wasn’t hiding behind a door or in the cockles of my heart, not that I have ever really been convinced that hearts have cockles. It had simply disappeared. Or it had never been there at all.

Perhaps there is a thing I mistook for the moon just because you hung it for me. Why would you do that? Hang a fake moon and tell me it was mine? What a mean trick to play on all the wolves. Singing to an origami moon and chasing rabbits through the snow under it’s cold, pale impossible light.

I realize now that when you left, you slipped it into your pocket. You took it back without saying a word. And my whole world is left without a moon. My whole heart is left without you. The wolves have no muse. The hares no longer have a shadow. The sea will fall slack without the tidal pull.

Undeterred, I howl to spite the empty sky. I wait but there is no answer. The howl rattles around a bit in what would be the cockles of my heart, if I had them. It dwindles to a raspy echo. It’s just not the same without the moon. The glorious howl of communion has become a lonely wimper.

-LM 2014