The Moonlight


I’ve been posting a lot of poems of late and people have been asking for story bits. This is one of my favorite little pieces of writing. I admit, I am ridiculously fond of it. I haven’t decided if it’s a “fragmeant” that I may develop further or if it’s complete as is. “The Moonlight” is only a working title. I’m not quite sure what to call it. Ideas?

A magical thing doesn’t lose its usefulness if it changes its state.

PhotographerThe moonbeams scattered everywhere, fractured light spilling all over the carpet!

“Oh no!” the Sunny Marmalade Cat cried out softly, “You’ve broken them! Every single one!” He tried to sweep them into a pile with his tail but they began to degrade into a shimmering powder, transforming into a dancing puddle of light. Bits of silver stuck to his fur like beads of mercury and scattered as he flicked his tail, vexed.

“Oh Dear!” the Asynchronous Clock ticked nervously.”Oh Dear. Oh Dear. Oh Dear. What shall we do now?” And though she tried to keep her hands from moving, they clicked into place, striking the hour and she began to chime!

This caused the Good Mourning Dove to coo and cluck and leave a little icing on the edge of the window sill.

Everyone froze, poised to flee at the sound of a breath or a step, but all remained still.

The Midnight Velvet Cat hissed for attention and once she had it she pushed at the remains of the moonlight with her paw. “We have to be moving, now! We mustn’t let ourselves be discovered. But we can’t leave this here. They will never understand.”

The Good Mourning Dove pecked at the silvery soot with his beak. It was very cold and left a slightly uncomfortable tingling sensation. He shuffled away mumbling, “Well isn’t it useless now? If they find it, they’ll have no idea what it is. In the daylight it will look less like diamonds and more like dust, won’t it?”

The Midnight Coal Cat fixed her great green eyes on the bird and shook her head gently. “No. That will not do and it wouldn’t be safe. They might not know what it is but they will know that it doesn’t belong here either.

A magical thing doesn’t lose its usefulness if it changes its state. We just don’t know what its new purpose will be! We brought it here and we must take it with us. We have to figure out a way to transport it.”

The dove pecked at the curtains thoughtfully, walked the length of the ledge and back, opened and closed his beak a few times. Suddenly he exclaimed, “I have an idea!” Then he hopped off the ledge and disappeared into the night. When he returned a few moments later, the Hopeful Little Dog, who had been diligently keeping watch appeared next to him.

“How can I help?” she panted eagerly. Then she noticed. “Is that? Oh no! How? Oh nevermind, what are we going too…O-oh, I’ve got it!”

And, in a blink she had gobbled up every last bit of moonlight, licking the floor and even the Sunny Marmalade Cat’s tail just to be certain of her thoroughness.

The Asynchronous Clock could not resist, “Good…. Dog!” she ticked happily.

“So it’s true,” the Sunny Marmalade Cat said wryly, “A dog really will eat anything without checking to see if it’s food first.”

The Midnight Coal Cat batted the orange cat’s pink nose with a cushiony paw. “It’s time for gratitude, not jokes.” she chided and rubbed against the Hopeful Little Dog in appreciation causing the her to wag her curly nub of a tail furiously. She wanted desperately to bark her excitement but she held it back. She was chilled and tingly inside, full of energy yet somewhere deep within was a new calm center. It was a little like the time she had chewed wild peppermint as a pup but without the strong flavor and much, much colder.

The little party made their way over the window sill and back outside, quickly navigating the garden path and the meadow. They made it into the woods without further incident. As they moved farther away from the treeline into the dense forest, it became much harder to see the path. They debated the lost time of waiting for daylight against the possibility of missing a marker, getting lost or hurt in the darkness.

The Hopeful Little dog paced back and forth, her blue eye glimmering faintly, her brown eye virtually invisible in the murkiness, just like the Midnight Velvet Cat. Suddenly, she stopped, looked straight ahead and opened her mouth. Light spilled out illuminating the path.

“Well that settles that.” said the Midnight Coal cat. “Purrfect!”

And they all started down the newly moonlit path, suddenly feeling much more optimistic.

But they were not alone and despite their combined, superior senses they did not seem to register it. Surely they would have perceived fear or predatory focus, but lacking that simply assumed they were hearing and smelling a mere resident of the forest busy with it’s nocturnal habits. Maybe, the magic was working and they did not sense me. All the same, I held back, keeping as much distance as I could without losing them. Walking so slowly and quietly tensed my legs and they started to ache.

If only I could be an owl, I thought. I could glide above them on wings of whisper quiet. I could rest up when I got ahead of them, up in high branches, seeing them perfectly with my spectacular night vision. And I could easily make out every word of their conversation. As long as it served me, I would so like to be an owl!

And I was.

-LM 2015/2016






Have you ever been drawn in by someone who can’t come close but continuously haunts you with vague possibilities? If you ever tried to coax a feral kitten or a stray dog who’s forgotten how to trust to let you help them, this is the feeling. Or maybe a person you aren’t really sure that you can trust or not, but you want to let down your guard anyway. It’s infuriating, but you have to do it on their terms. They are asking you to be patient. How do you meet these terms without losing yourself? How do you know if you’re just having your chain yanked or feeding someone’s need to control. How patient should you be before walking away?


I follow you, will o’ the wisp
Never quite in my sight
Always and forever teasing
So far out of reach
And yet close enough to touch

You dance and bob
You disappear
And no matter how
I squeeze my eyes
I cannot bring you into focus

An illusion
Surely Leading me
Into the depths of a swamp
That I may never find my way out of

A ghost with a sense of humor
A timid child
A wily coyote
The yowling cat perched on my shoulder
Riddle me this

And float away
Into the cradle of darkness
And discordant harmony
Cactus spines
Hiding tender fruit and sweet water

Blind and dazed
Unsure of where to put my shoes
Am I standing on anything
Finding a beginning
How am I not falling

I wait
Patient and impatient
Squinting and scrying
For a better glimpse
A wit of understanding

All the rules I so carefully
Built up to pad
My vulnerabilities
Now broken into dust
Sufficiently pulverized

I lay down my arrows
My sword, my armor
My will, my confidence
My every common sense
I lay down

Perhaps for naught
I wait
Patient and impatient
Plain and simple
Because you asked me to

And even in your silence
In your darkness
In your preoccupation
I leave a door ajar
A window cracked for you

A light in the parlor
Something warm in the oven
An extra blanket at the foot of my bed
These things wait
Not impatient; patient

I follow you, will o’ the wisp
Never quite in my sight
Always and forever teasing
So far out of reach
And yet close enough to touch

While I squeeze my eyes
And try to make you out
Bobbing and dancing
Willing to get lost
Without losing myself

Because once you asked
Me to be patient

-LM 2015
First Fragmeant of 2015
Happy New Year all!
And in keeping with my goal to be brave write music anyway in hopes that I will find a collaborator who can write music with me, here is my literally, go for it, off the cuff, middle of the night, oh hell this is the melody that came to me for now:

I really hate to sing most things A Capella and this kitchen is super echoy, but there it is!